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Employee Massages

Spencer Schafer - Senior Accountant/CPA

I was surprised.  I had done something like this in my previous job, they brought in a masseuse.  I really enjoyed that.  I liked it-nice and relaxing for about 15 minutes - kinda like a nap, stress reliever.

Julie Sprague - Client Services/Administrative Assistant

My experience today with the massage was FANTASTIC!  I think that anybody who has a chance to do that and experience it while at work should definitely take that opportunity.  I have not worked for any other company that has done this for us-so that fact that the company that I work for actually did this for us as employees is phenomenal in my opinion.  I think that it says a lot about the business and about who we are.  That we as employees matter to our emloyeer because tax time is very stressful at times.  It's just a really great way to alleviate stress that is built within tax time.

15 Minute Massages were provided for staff at KuhnDillonUmbaugh, LLC to help relieve stress after tax season.  Here are some of the Testimonies:

Shannon Pardus - receptionist "The Massage was AMAZING"

It's very nice to work for a company that will bring somebody in to give you a massage, to help you relax when you've had a really stressful time of the year, especially.  And it's just very nice.  It feels like they care.  Some companies want you to work, work, work.  They show you that they care by bringing in somebody to do this.  The massage was amazing!  15 minutes is too short so I will definitely be calling Jessica for a full massage.

Michiana Behavioral Health Testimony

Becca Hanes:  The Kids absolutely loved it, they were so excited and felt so comfortable and they were trying to figure out ways they could come multiple times a week - Thank you for a wonderful time and we appreciate everything you did!