Journey Started:June 2018

Gained:"I went from prescription pills, smoking, walkers, wheel chairs, braces and supports to Running, and working out and Loving It."

Who Helped:Dr. Gottleb, Unitity Hospital, SJRMC Therapy (Kathy and Carla),  Fitness Forum, Crossroads E.F.C., and Family and Friends

Motivation Now:Competing in Marathons

I became a member at Fitness Forum because I was ready to challenge myself.  I had said that 2015 was my year to stop being afraid and worrying about what other people thought.  I’ve felt self-conscious and intimidated most my life, content to be in the background because I was so worried about what others thought. This was just another step in breaking out of that mind set…changing the station on the negative voice in my head that told me I wasn’t strong enough or good enough and to start believing in myself.

In February of 2015 I had gotten to the point I was tired of the guilt at the end of the day because I hadn’t done what I knew I should or could.  I’d gotten to a weight I’d only seen when I was pregnant and decided it was just time!  I gave myself a time each day and at that time I didn’t think about it…I just got on the treadmill.  I’d run before but had quit about a year and a half earlier because of foot problems and I hadn’t been nearly as ‘into it’ as I am now. I started running 3 days a week and walking 3 days a week.  As summer came I conquered the first of my fears…running outside where ‘people could see me!’  I was going to run The Stomp and needed to get myself off the treadmill.  After the 2015 Stomp I was disappointed in my time.  I wanted to improve running pace and knew I wanted to do something besides just run.  That’s when Terry Clemens, my husband’s boss, gave us a Day Pass.  I came in and tried it and decided I wanted to join. The next day Terry walked in and paid for us to have a year’s membership as a Christmas gift!

​That was the first time I’d set foot in a gym!  That was the second fear I conquered…working out in front of people. I’d never touched a weight and all I’d done to that point was run.  It felt like a safe place and it didn’t take long and I was addicted.  I have been coming 6 days a week pretty much ever sense.  I lost 49 pounds between March ’15 and March ’16 and I’ve dropped 6 pant sizes!  I know it’s because Fitness Forum helped me reach my goals!  I have gotten to the point that working out isn’t a chore anymore…I crave it!  I crave that workout high after I’m done!  I feel better, stronger, more confident and happier than I’ve ever been. 

So, if 2015 was about changing the voice in my head…2016 has been about trying new things.  I ran the Indy Ultimate in April…a 6 mile Urban Obstacle Course and finished 189th out of 2000+…I ran my personal best 5K time (27:29) at the David’s Run for Autism in Nappanee in May and ran my very first Mud Run in June where I finished in the top 10 out of 62 individual women participants and beat 55 of the individual men’s times!

I became so addicted to the place I applied for a job in February.  I’ve been working at the Welcome Desk since March!  I am preparing to start classes through ISSA for my Associates in Exercise Science and I’m planning my first ever 5K run for Member Appreciation Week at Fitness Forum in October!


Journey Started:March, 2015

Gained:55 pounds weight loss and my breathing improved amazingly

Favorite Workouts: Running and weight lifting

Motivation Then: My exchange student Bruno; he always was an encouragement.

Motivation Now:My next goal is to enjoy my current accomplishments and try to continue my routine to improve my health even more. 


Journey Started:June, 2014

Gaines:I went from a size 24 to a 14 and lost 100 pounds from June 2014 to June 2015.

Favorite Workouts: BODYPUMP on Thursday nights with Linda and Sarah.

Who Helped: I had so many people encourage me along the way but most of all my wife, Angel, who also lost 100 pounds that year.

Motivation Now:To live the life I worked so hard for! 

In June 2000, Gary Hott was in a major accident where he spent over 8 months in the hospital.  Gary was on a ventilator and had a feeding tube.  Based on this prognosis, doctors advised his parents to remove him from the life saving equipment and issue a "no code".  According to Gary, doctors believed that he would "rot away", for he did not show any signs of life.  After much deliberation and prayers, the family followed the medical advice and removed Gary from his ventilator.  And then the miracle happened; Gary started to breath on his own!  Still unable to move or make a sound, Gary's father took action and decided to provide rehabilitation with hopes that his son will be able to move again one day.  With daily exercise and faith, slowly Gary was able to regain movement in his arms and legs.  Today, Gary is an active member of Fitness Forum.  He started his journey in the pool and now works with Katie Surma (Personal Trainer) on resistance training.  Gary's goals include increasing his endurance and balance.  Gary has impaired verbal communication however wants to connect with other friends at Fitness Forum.  So if you see him, say hi!

"My life has completely changed since joining Fitness Forum. I had no self-confidence or energy, physical activity was far from my mind, and two hours was the length of a movie, not a workout. Now I can't stand going a day without exercising. I gained self-confidence, got the energy I should have, and now two-hour workouts are a breeze."

I was Dying and hated life...I needed CHANGE from the inside out!  LifePlex/Fitness Forum would become the avenue to many success in my Physical, and Mental life. 

20180606 @ 23:54 "BOOM...IED hit scout (the lead vehicle).  I was in the #2 Hummber and took the brunt of the explosion.  This was the 3 IED hit of the week for this CLP mission.  Because of this, my life took on many challenges and surgeries.  There has been 14 surgeries resulting in 35+ plates, pins, screws, and rods along iwth 6 bone graphs.  As a result of the surgeries there was pain.  Instead of bearing through pain I turned to prescription pills and that turned into an addiction.  When I realized that I didn't want this for my life I quit cold turkey.   In the early stages of recovery from the most recent operation my surgeon informed me that I need to transfer my bodies ability to carry its own weight to my muscles and off the bones/joints.

I was informed by my Physical Therapists that I could be released from PT if I would do some light work-outs and at least do some walking.  I did, and it worked!  YES, IT ALL HURTS although it hurts less if I am active.

I have changed how I look at most situations in life and found that not only is the physical pain manageable, but so is the mental and emotional pain.

Pain has mostly leveled out, Flexibility is better, Activity level is better, General Health is better, Mentally I am managing life better, Endurance is better, and strength is much better.

I started attending classes and joined Biggest Loser at Fitness Forum because I wanted to get my life back!  I discovered that group activities helped me stay accountable and gave me that extra motivation I needed to be successful.

My story: I don’t remember the exact day, but the end of May 2014 I was at my daughter’s championship softball game and they won, so of course we had to take pictures.  I never liked getting my picture taken but how could I refuse?  When I got home I went on Facebook and died inside…how did I get that big?  Why did I let myself?  I decided then and there I had to make a change!! I got a scale so I could check my weight every day (uhg), I got a Fitbit, started using Myfitnesspal to track my food, and set a goal.  I wanted to lose 100 pounds before my daughter graduated, I had 1 year…  I had no idea how to eat or what to do.  I had never been active so I knew this was going to be hard.  I couldn’t even go up a flight of stairs without getting winded or my knees hurting!  I consider myself lucky because from day one I had an accountability partner, my wife Angel.  We started walking and trying to eat better.  We went to a dietitian to get a grasp on portion sizing.  We tracked everything!  Slowly the weight started to come off, how exciting!  It soon became an obsession.  I started reading blogs, engaging in group exercise and just loving life.  I really feel the group classes helped motivate me to try harder.  My favorite class is BodyPump that is offered at Fitness Forum on Thursday night.  I love that it is a “drop in” class (so I can just pay as I go) and I really love the teacher Linda and the sub Sarah.  They are so encouraging.  I also did a lot of walking.  In the beginning I could barely walk a mile without feeling like I was going to die and in April of 2016 I ran a ½ marathon!

I made my goal, I lost 100 pounds and so far I have kept it off.  I love my life and feel better than I have since I was a teenager!  Exercise has become a part of my core, there is so much beauty in the world and I can’t wait to see it all!Type your paragraph here.

Gary Hott - The Miracle

I became a Fitness Forum member while I was hosting a foreign exchange son from Brazil and he wanted to work out for soccer.  I had been a member of Fitness Forum when it was behind Kentucky Fried Chicken years ago.  I used the facility to prepare for the Police Academy.  I knew this facility had a great reputation, was clean, offered a lot of options and hours.

My journey this time was to just spend time coming to Fitness Forum with my exchange son, Bruno.  I had told him I wasn’t in condition to do much working out or running, I was overweight and had some lung issues (severe COPD).  Prior to our joining however, I had an appointment with my Cardiologist with a stress test and numerous other tests and found out I passed everything but he said I was obese by BMI and needed to lose weight to help my health.  About 40 pounds was his suggestion.  We did agree that maybe 20 pounds might be possible.  My weight in December of 2014 was 235 pounds.  My current weight is 180 pounds.  It didn’t take long.  While Bruno and I came every day to exercise I would walk the track for a mile.  Soon I became bored with just walking and decided I would try running a short distance.  After about a week of that it became clear to me that it would be possible to do more.  I soon found myself running more and more and even began a little weight lifting to add to my workout routine.

I found out I wasn’t in that bad of shape and continue to work out every day if possible, both running about 1 ¾ mile and weight lifting.  I have since lost 55 pounds to date and find my work out to be enjoyable and effortless.

I recently had my annual checkup with my Cardiologist and his response was unbelievable.  He said he had not had a patient yet be able to accomplish what I had and that my health was now where I needed to be for my age.  He remarked that most people he made weight loss suggestions to had a return visit for heart surgery. 

I have nothing but positive things to say about the Fitness Forum and its staff for all they do.  I feel the best I have ever felt in my life and plan to continue my membership to keep myself healthy.

Dan Atkinson 

Sarah Fishburn  DOB: 10/18/1990

Amy Spencerman  DOB: 2/16/1977

Christine Jack  DOB: 11/15/1969

Terry Clemens  DOB: 1/25/1960

Journey Started:February, 2015

Gained:I’ve lost weight and gained strength, endurance, confidence and a network of friends to help me keep moving forward and hold me accountable!

Favorite Workouts: Running!

Who Helped: My husband, Alex!  He has said every step of the way, when I doubt myself, “You can do it!”

Motivation Now:To get my degree so I can help others who feel as I did conquer their fears and get healthy, fit and confident!

Journey Started:10/18/08 (My 18th Birthday!)

Inches Lost:Waist - 11"   *   Hips - 12"

Gained:Couldn't run at all, to running a mile

Favorite Workouts: BODYPUMP, Corebar, Cycling, and Cardio

Motivation Then:I was going off to college and wanted to be known as Sarah, not "that fat girl".

Motivation Now:Constantly want to better myself and the my desire to live life to the fullest.